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Butte Ditch Company

The Butte Ditch was constructed in 1886 to deliver water to the lands south of the town of Eckert, which is in an area now within the central portion of the Orchard City Irrigation District. Butte Ditch was formally incorporated in 1915. The corporation owns both the irrigation ditch and water rights. Under its articles of incorporation Butte Ditch Company has the responsibility to maintain and operate the ditch and administer the management and delivery of the decree water that it owns.

Butte Ditch water decrees have appropriation dates as early as 1881 and as recent as 1914. One of those decrees irrigates land above, or north of Fruitgrowers Reservoir. For Butte Ditch shareholders with lands located below Fruitgrowers Reservoir, a No. 12 decree for 6.75 cfs is the most beneficial in providing landowners approximately 5.2 cfs as an early supply of water.

Water flows into the Butte Ditch through a headgate located on Surface Creek, approximately one mile north of the present town of Eckert. From there, the Butte Ditch carries water from the above-mentioned decree water and stored water from Fruitgrowers Reservoir approximately 17 miles.

Ownership of Butte stock entitles the owner to carry water in the ditch AND to a pro-rata portion of water which Butte Ditch owns (decree water).

Below are photos showing the diversion point of Surface Creek into Butte Ditch and the first headgate water must flow through into the ditch.

Surface Creek into Butte Ditch

First of Headgates from Butte