OCID is calling a Board Meeting on June 24th at 5:30PM, at the Town of Orchard City Community Room, to discuss Potential Allocation Changes and anything else that comes before the board. 

The Board has voted to increase the allocation to 40% at this time, please check back for updates and changes to this.

In the mean time you should check out the water ordering form HERE!


May 24, 2022 Minutes

Meeting brought to order at 4 pm Andy Wick, Gregg Helmsing, Joe Young, and Jim Pizzino were present.

Water committee asked for $30,000 up front to work on reservoir being paid back as soon as the grants are in. with $10,000 up front. Gregg made a motion to approve up to $30,000 to be spent starting the repairs on the reservoir. Jim seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

Water commissioners in Cedaredge want to install an electronic reader on alfalfa ditch above the springs for more accurate reading of what flows into the reservoir. They would put in the electronics, but it would require groundwork, concrete and a 6ft Partial Flume. After 3 bids Bolinger and Queen was the lowest price. We placed the order but will not go in until November. $8-9,000 for the flume and then it will need concrete work. Alfalfa ditch will pay half of total costs. Reading above and below will help determine how much water came from the springs for the flow through decree.

Gregg made a motion to approve up to $12,000 to cover the expenditure of the flume until we are reimbursed from Alfalfa ditch for half of the cost. Joe Young seconded and it was unanimously approved.

Gregg made a motion to approve up to $7500 to pay for the price difference on a larger culvert and entrance/exit structure on Iris and 2100 Rd where the city is replacing the culvert. Jim seconded and it was unanimously approved.

It was asked that the website includes something letting water users know that they are responsible for cleaning their ditch through others land.

Allocation will remain at 50% Meeting adjourned 6:06 PM