OCID is calling a Board Meeting on June 24th at 5:30PM, at the Town of Orchard City Community Room, to discuss Potential Allocation Changes and anything else that comes before the board. 

The Board has voted to increase the allocation to 40% at this time, please check back for updates and changes to this.

In the mean time you should check out the water ordering form HERE!


November 8, 2023 Agenda

Fruitgrowers Dam Outlet Gate Improvements Project

Meeting #1 Agenda
November 8, 2023
10:00 a.m.

KGCI Project Reference #: 132
Call in Number: 1-888-633-0347 Passcode: 72888364


Applegate Group: Craig Ullmann, Steven Morris

OCID: Mitch Thomas, Niles Riese

Bureau of Reclamation: Josh Dunham, Matt Bryner, Thomas Hook

Delta Conservation District: Suzie Bilberry

KGCI: Kyle Kissner, Jaime Jordan


Tasks Previously Completed

  • Met with Burkey Sandblasting onsite to discuss scope and schedule. Scheduled for week of November 27th.
  • Picked up Valve Assembly & Accessories from Bolinger & Queen. Currently stored inside KGCI shop.
  • Traffic Control / Signage in place.
  • Tracking pad and entrance gate installed.
  • Equipment & construction/office trailer mobilized along with sump pipe and 1-1/2” screened rock.
  • Completed access into reservoir bottom.
  • Received detail on pole placement from DMEA for new electrical poles.
    • Note: Talked with Shelby Bear at DMEA last week. She notified me that they are awaiting payment and licensing from BOR?? Will not be able to schedule installation of new power poles or line until payment and licensing completed.

Upcoming Tasks—2 Week Look Ahead

  • 11/8/23—11/9/23: Excavate for sump, place 48” slotted pipe and screened rock. Install pump, run hose and place pipe stand at spillway. Conduct test pump. If dewatering is adequate, begin construction of cofferdam and stage redundancy sumps and pumps as required for backup.
  • 11/8/23: Send out supplier and subcontractor contracts. Go through all items received from Bolinger and Queen to insure all items have been received.
  • 11/8—11/9/23: Send Applegate submittals for review on Removing and Replacing Misc. Metals, Recycled Material Handling, Mitigation Plan, & Product Data on Self Retracting Lifelines.
  • 11/9/23—11/22: Procure and submit remaining submittals from KGCI, suppliers, & subcontractors including fabrication shop drawings.
  • 11/10/23—11/15/23: Removal of misc. metal within shaft including existing valve assembly.
  • 11/15/23—11/22/23: Installation of new valve assembly and accessories and removal of dewatering operations.

Valve/Spool Stored at the KGCI Shop
Valve Spool Stored at KGCI Shop

Mobilization of Equipment and Office Trailer: November 2
Mobilization of Equipment and Office Trailer

Access Road Complete and Equipment and Material Staging: November 3 and 6
Access Road Complete
Equipment Staging


Entrance Road with Tracking Pad and Entry Gates: November 1 and 6
Entrance Road

Meeting Questions

The remaining time is available for questions.