OCID is calling a Board Meeting on June 24th at 5:30PM, at the Town of Orchard City Community Room, to discuss Potential Allocation Changes and anything else that comes before the board. 

The Board has voted to increase the allocation to 40% at this time, please check back for updates and changes to this.

In the mean time you should check out the water ordering form HERE!


September 15, 2023 Minutes

Orchard City Irrigation District Board Meeting
Friday, September 15, 2023 at 5:30 PM 

The meeting was called to order by President Andy Wick at 5:30 P.M. Board members present were Andy Wick, Mitch Thomas, Joe Young and Aaron St. Peter. 

Guests included Suzie Billberry representing the Delta County Conservation District; Niles Riese and Dick Kirkpatrick representing the OCJD Water Committee; Gregg Helmsing and Kim Kokesh. 

The Sept. 7th, 2023, minutes were approved as read by Joe Young. 

Mitch Thomas made the motion to dispense with the financial reports since they were presented last week. Aaron St. Peter seconded the motion. The motion passed. 

Old Business 

Although he was not available to attend this meeting, Craig Ullman reported through emails and phone calls that he talked with Kissner General Construction, Inc. concerning the questions about his first bid. Craig was told that the bid was high because it was Kissner's understanding that he would have to dewater the lake. Craig explained the job in more detail. Kissner General Construction, Inc. then updated the bid. The new bid for the Total Base Price Schedule is $601,411.14 (compared to $746,641.39 in the first bid) and the Total Optional Price Schedule is $97,997.90 (compared to $108,887.90 in the first bid). The MOA concerning SHIPO was mailed to all possible interested parties on Sept. 7'11. If no one contests the dam upgrades within the 30-day time limit, OCID will be able to start the project Nov. 1, 2023, as scheduled. Aaron St. Peter made the motion to proceed with Kissner on the newest bid. Mitch seconded the motion. The motion passed. Andy is to relay to Craig to inform Kissner General Construction that OCID has accepted his newest bid and to explain the SHIPO/MOA challenge. If, by chance, there is a protested response from the SHIPO MOA, the project will stop until things are resolved. Suzie shared that if OCID must postpone the Fruitgrower's project until 2024, all grant monies can be delayed. For future reference, records must be kept of what has been done for this project. 

Jeff Widener is to ask Hans Benson, President of the Forest Ditch Co., if OCID can use the Forest Ditch to deliver decree and contract water only during the time that Fruitgrower's Reservoir is being drained for the valve project. 

Gregg Helmisng reported that he has been in contact with attorney Charles Stewart addressing the need to have bond counsel concerning the loan agreement with the Colorado Water Conservancy Board. Mr. Stewart is not a bond attorney. Suzie knows that there is an attorney in Ridgway who is a bond lawyer. Suzie will contact her to see if she could help OCID. 

New Business 

Andy and Gregg will schedule an appointment with Katie Arntzen, USBR, to discuss the historic registry designation concerning OCID. 

To monitor water efficiently, Jeff Widener reported that he has been searching ditch measuring devices that would measure water flows at the input and output ends of the Dry Creek Diversion ditch. The state water commissioners use radar, which would cost OCID around $15,000. Pierre, with Dronemapper, can create a program for OCID for $5,750 ($6,000 was budgeted). Dick Kirkpatrick shared Grand Mesa Water User's challenges with Pierre. If OCID hires Pierre to do this project, the contract must read that all information that is gathered belongs to OCID. Jeff has been directed to do more research and maybe find other options. 

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Minutes written by Polly Jo Wick for Dee Dee Lousigmont.