OCID is calling a Board Meeting on June 24th at 5:30PM, at the Town of Orchard City Community Room, to discuss Potential Allocation Changes and anything else that comes before the board. 

The Board has voted to increase the allocation to 40% at this time, please check back for updates and changes to this.

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November 29, 2023 Agenda

Fruitgrowers Dam Outlet Gate Improvements Project

Meeting #3 Agenda
November 29, 2023
10:00 a.m.

KGCI Project Reference #: 132
Call in Number: 1-888-633-0347 Passcode: 72888364


Applegate Group: Craig Ullmann, Steven Morris

OCID: Mitch Thomas, Niles Riese

Bureau of Reclamation: Josh Dunham, Matt Bryner, Thomas Hook

Delta Conservation District: Suzie Bilberry

KGCI: Kyle Kissner, Jaime Jordan


Tasks Previously Completed

  • The following submittals were approved last week: 
    • 03 30 00-1 Cast-In-Place Concrete Approval Data 
    • 03 62 20-1 Nonshrink Grout 
    • 09 96 20-1 Coatings Approval Data 
  • Submittals awaiting approval: 
    • 09 96 20-1 Revised Submittal for Coatings

Work Completed

  • Removed miscellaneous metals, pipe, and valves within shaft (11/25 & 11/27).
  • Installed upstream, emergency valve & 24” spool in valve assembly (11/22).
  • Completed & Terminated dewatering operations. 2 Samples taken to the Lab. (Terminated 11/23).
  • Completed lead abatement at sections of pipe required (11/28 & 11/29).

11/15 — Unwatering Operations     11/17 — Exposed Intake @ Intake Structure

Intake Structure

11/17 - 100% of Water Controlled & Flowing Through Spillway. Water could be controlled throughout the night and morning hours with 2 pumps. However, from approx. 10 AM - 12 PM water and sediment flow would inundate the operation. 72" corrugated pipe utilized as sump w/ perforated plate to keep sediment on bottom. Trench plate, supported by I-beams was also incorporated to mitigate water flow/soil erosion to the south. Turned water into Circle Ditch midday 11/17 to help mitigate backup and hopefully pull water through pipe. Turned water into Circle Ditch to help mitigate backup and at pipe outlet.

Water Controlled and Flowing Through Spillway

11/20 - Additional rock and native material used as a cofferdam downstream of 72" sump & 48" sump. KGCI also installed (2) sumps that took water back to the 72" sump and (3) 6" pumps. 3" pumps utilized to agitate muck material flowing into the 72" sump.

Additional Rock

11/16 - 2 Pumps online at capacity. 3rd Pump was needed in order to control flows at peak times.

Pumps Online at Capacity

11/20 - 11/23 - 3rd pump added to control additional flows.

Pumps Online at Capacity

Removal of Miscellaneous Metal

Removal of Miscellaneous Metal

11/20—11/20—Removal of Existing Pipe & Valve Assembly

Removal of Existing Pipe

Removal of Valve Assembly

11/21 — Unwatering Operations were inundated by stream flow at 11:30 AM for approximately 10 minutes. With all pipe and valves removed within the chamber, approximately 2’ of water filled the shaft. KGCI worked for approximately 5 hours to pump water through the downstream section and remove muck debris within the shaft. At this point KGCI had been working 28 hours continuously. This is what the downstream section of pipe looks like. 30’ of 2” pipe was shoved beyond the debris to pump water down the 11/21 & 11/22 — After valve was in shaft and KGCI was prepping for placement, it was noticed that the existing flange holes were 7/8” vs 1-3/8” to allow for tie in at new spool section. After discussing options with the BOR, KGCI constructed a template using an 18” x 1” thick blind flange and utilized our Mag Drill to increase hole size and get exact hole alignment. The process of building the template, disassembling our anchoring system of the new spool/valve assembly drilling the new holes in the existing flange, reestablishing alignment and final connection of the assembly was approximately 8 hours. Total hours worked continuously for disassembly of existing valve assembly and installation of new assembly was 46.5 hours

11/22 - Dewatering operations inundated by flows just after 10:15 AM. Emergency Valve in place so it did not affect anything.

Valve in Place

Dewatering operations inundated by flaws

11/22 - Removal of Dewatering Operations and Cleanup

Removal of Dewatering Operations


After removal of unwatering operation at 3PM on 11/22, reservoir began to fill. Picture below is from 11/27.

Reservoir Filling

Discussion Notes 

  • Missing (4) L3 Bolts for each valve. (8 total) 2 at top and bottom at each valve. 
  • Who does KGCI send information to for changes in cost of work due to differing site conditions?  (See below) 
  • Additional Dewatering Materials and Equipment (plates, 72” culvert sump and pumps (+2) 3” sumps) & CFS fluctuations over 5 especially from 10 AM to Noon.  
  • 7/8” holes at existing upstream flange.  Made a template out of blind flange and drilled 1-3/8” new holes through existing ductile iron pipe. 


  • Site burglarized between the night of  11/26 and morning of 11/27.  Honda portable generator was stolen, 5 gallons of fuel, work truck key stolen and our construction trailer power lead cord was cut.  Police report was filed and had DC Sheriff on onsite for inspection.  1 camera has been set in place and we will be adding another cellular camera this week. 
  • Sand blasting operations completed yesterday and cleanup is currently being done onsite. 

2 Week Look Ahead: 

  • Install spool; schedule test with Applegate/Bureau for week of 12/4 to exercise valves.  Engineer certification that the guard valve is functional and acceptable for use. 
  • Schedule with DMEA for installation of power poles.  Has OCID or DCCD received revised pricing? 
  • Continue fabrication process and provide update to project team. 
  • Send OCID Manufacturer’s standard color charts for selection of steel roof panels, door and window trim, fascia materials, and stone siding. 
  • Forthcoming submittals: 
  • 02 83 33-2 Bills of Lading and Recycling Certificates for Misc. Metals
  • 02 83 33-4 Bills of Lading and Certificates of Disposal for Hazardous Waste 
  • 02 83 33-5 Remaining Metalwork Inspection Report—no metal components to remain in place. 
  • 03 30 00-1 Reinforcement Diagrams and Lists 
  • 35 22 16-1 Commercial Product Data (manual operator gearbox and motorized actuator)